Roofracks for sale NZ
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W/End 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week Deposit extra days
Roof Bars
Gutter Racks 40 65 90 110 100 6
Railing Racks 40 65 90 110 100 6
Gutterless & Flush Railing Racks 60 80 105 125 100 6
Kayak Holders
Cradle set with straps 30 40 60 75 100 6
Bike Racks
Roof Rack Mount, Front Wheel on 40 55 75 90 100 6
Roof Rack Mount, Front Wheel off 40 55 75 90 100 6
Tow Ball Mount 3 Bikes (Marius) 40 55 75 90 100 6
Boot Mount 3 Bikes (Mistral) 40 55 75 90 100 6
Rear Clip on 3 Bikes High (Logic) 60 80 105 125 100 6
Ski Holders
Lockable 5 – 6 row 35 55 75 90 100 6
Plastic Ski Holders (set of 4) 30 40 50 60 50 6
LP Prismatic Railing Ski Rack 60 80 105 125 100 6
Inno 479 Ski / Board Rack 60 80 105 125 100 8
Roof Boxes
400L, 430L, 460L, 480L, 500L 70 90 140 180 300 8
High Season 17Dec – 31 Jan 80 100 160 210 300 10
Luggage Racks
LP Sigma Tray 110x100cm 40 55 75 90 100 6
Pro Rack Alloy Tray 150x105cm 60 80 105 125 100 6
Superjet (up to 12 years) 25 35 45 55 30 5
Large Rental Toboggan 25 35 45 55 50 5
Snow Chains
Quick fit Car Chains 35 60 85 110 20 7
Quick fit 4x4 & Supermagic Chains 50 90 120 150 50 15

Minimum rental is weekend charge. All equipment subject to availability.

Payment of rental charge and deposit required upon pick up.

Insurance and care is the Hirers responsibility

No bookings required for snow chains or toboggans.

For all other equipment, please contact us for a booking.

Full terms and conditions on our rental contract in store.

HAMCO Rental Policy:

Rentals are subject to availability

A non refundable deposit equivalent to a weekends hire must be made for all advance bookings, the balance of the hire fee is payable upon pick up.

For ID: valid drivers licence or credit card required or car registration number.

Rental fee: to be paid in advance. Eftpos, credit card or cash accepted.

Deposit: Cash or Credit card imprint using manual sales return of the equipment on due date, the slip will be destroyed.

Goods and equipment are to be returned to the store by 5 pm on the last day of hire period. If period is exceeded daily rate will be charged for the excess time.

Weekend is pick up Friday return Monday or Saturday – Monday. One day hire is the same as for a weekend, allow pick up on the day before and return the day after. Week means 7 days or part thereof. For extra days above hire period use the daily rate.


Instructions for Rental Equipment from Hamco

Roof Bars
Check that roof rack is fitted securely prior to your journey with a load. Ensure load is securely tied to the rack. Observe maximum permissible load of 50kg to 75kg depending on vehicle. Do not exceed speed limit and reduce speed in windy condition. Do not travel off road with a loaded roof rack. During long journeys, check rack and load periodically

Ensure Kayak is securely tied down and sitting well in the cradles. Long boats require the bow to be tied to the lower front of the vehicle. Be aware that a long kayak on a roof rack is severely affected by strong cross winds. Reduce speed in these circumstances and check security of tie down method more often.

Carrying a bike on a roof rack increases the height of your vehicle substantially. Do not drive into garages, car ports, parking buildings, drive in food services orunder trees with the bikes fitted. Severe damage to bikes, racks and your car can be the result. Prior to your journey, check that the rack and bike is securely fastened.

When using a rear or tow ball mounted rack, please ensure that your license plate is not obstructed. Ensure that bikes are well clear of the ground and are securely fastened to the rack. Beware when backing up with a rear rack fitted.

Lockable ski holders must be locked with the key when travelling with the skis in the holder. Ensure tips of skis are facing the rear of the vehicle. Skis or boards can be sandwiched together if the bindings permit this without touching the roof. Do not force the closing of the ski holder, if it does not close easily, carry skis or boards in singles. Overloading and forcing the rack to close may result in product failure. Kea’s have a fondness for the rubber inserts on ski holders. Damage caused by these are the hirers responsibility.

Roof Boxes
Warning: do not drive into garages, car ports, parking buildings, drive through food services etc. The load must be secured in the roof box with the straps provided. Loose load can cause damage. The key is not removable unless box is locked. When locking, check that all locking points are securely engaged. Check that the front safety clip (where fitted) is locked and unlocked prior to opening. If lid does not close easy and if it is difficult to turn the key, the box may be overloaded. Check and redistribute the load. Observe load limit of maximum 50kg. Do not exceed speed limit. Reduce speed in windy conditions. Avoid opening the box in strong winds, if you have to, get another person to help and hold on to the lid as the force of cross winds can rip a lid off. It is the hirers responsibility to judge the situation.

It is the hirers responsibility to keep the equipment safe, in case of theft of hire goods, the hirer is responsible for paying the full value of the goods lost to Hamco.